Viable Solutions to Real World Problems


General Applied Physics Solutions (GAPs) evolved out of EP/MU Technology, a company that was dedicated to aerospace and defense R&D. As the name suggests, it allows a much broader spectrum of interests and their associated technologies to be addressed. GAPs continues an extremely successful history of solving real world problems. The designation "GAPs" has its origins from the acronym given by Harvard to applied physics majors who had not declared a specialty (GAP=General Applied Physics major). GAPs presently has technology assets valued in the $Billion range.


Scientific Team

Mark David A. Rosen, Ph.D.

Principal Scientist / Founder

Consistent history of innovation and solving some of the toughest real world problems ranging from developing a viable approach to interpreting the dielectric behavior of rocks (shaly sandstones) to devising cheaper and more robust materials for the B-2 Stealth Bomber and other defense platforms.

Harvard University

  • Ph.D. in Applied Physics
  • Research Fellow in Physics
  • Research Fellow in Earth and Planetary Physics

Shell Development Company

  • Electromagnetic Properties of Rocks
  • Industrial Applications of X-Ray CT Scanning
  • Logging Tool R&D

Northrop Grumman Corporation

  • Electromagnetic Measurement Technology
  • Electromagnetic Materials


James J. Byleckie, Ph.D.

Senior Research Scientist / Consultant

Creative consulting physicist and architect with a proven track record of delivering software and system solutions. Skilled at defining the problem, architecting the solution, documenting the process, and guiding the project to a successful conclusion by applying diverse technologies.

Harvard University

  • Ph.D. in Physics


  • Custom Decision Support and Communication System and Software Solutions

Utilicom Networks

  • Access Network Strategies and Technologies


  • Business System Analysis
  • Real Time Intelligent Control Software

Comverse Network Systems

  • Wireless Mobile-Commerce Services

Independent Consultant

  • Decision Support and System Management Solutions
  • Data Analysis and Control Software Development



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